Tridion 2011 nicely displays the Item’s URI in the address bar.  This is one of many favorite features in the new version.

For example, http://Tridion2011Dev/WebUI/Editors/CME/Views/Dashboard/Dashboard.aspx#locationId=tcm:22-2902-2

I can change 22 to 131 and then hop down to the Web Publication where I publish from – or to 6 and hop up to the Blueprint parent.

Tip:  Refresh 1 more time after updating the URL – and your browser will take you there.  Not sure why it does not work on the first attempt.

Edit:  Puf added a great tip for not needing the refresh!  Thanks!

From Frank van Puffelen:

The behavior of what happens when you change just the so-called document fragment identifier (the part after the # sign) of a URL depends on your browser.

If you want it to work first try (and get the back/forward buttons of your browser picking up such changes), paste this JavaScript fragment into your JavaScript console:

window.onhashchange=function(){$display.getView().navigateTo(location.hash.match(/[&#]locationId=([^&]*)/)[1], true);}

Happy navigating!