MVP Award, 2013 and Learning

January 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Robert Curlette in Lifehacking

The best part of sharing is learning. When we share, we invite others to participate in the solution. We need to learn to share, and by sharing we learn from others, with their valuable comments and feedback. It is this feedback loop that we benefit from as a community.

The SDL Tridion MVP award was created to recognize those who share their experiences and knowledge through public blogs, StackOverflow, and other media. I feel honored to be awarded the MVP award for sharing in 2012.

But, this is a new year and the clock resets on the MVP award. We are all now equal and although I shared a lot in 2012 I need to continue sharing in 2013 if I want to have a chance of winning the MVP award again.

With 2013 I welcome all the new bloggers that will contribute more to our community, challenge our ways of thinking, and introduce new ways of solving old problems. The Tridion 2013 product is around the corner. Ask your manager to install it on the Dev machine. Write about the installation, or one of the many new features.

The secret of writing is finding something exciting to write about. If you are excited and curious about a topic, it is much easier to write and also the quality is much better. So, find something interesting, technically, to write about! It could be Tridion, .Net, Java or Web Services. Processes, management or functional designs. But, write a small article and see where it goes! And, if you make mistakes, you can always edit the article and fix them. I know I have!

Speaking of learning, Pluralsight has a great course on ServiceStack (web service framework) and with this link you can get a 1 day free trial.

I wish you all a successful year of learning!

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  • Alvin says:

    +1! I’ve learned so much from other Tridionauts online that once told a colleague I was “born from TridionWorld!” She pointed out my mother wouldn’t appreciate such a statement.

    I also notice it’s sometimes hard to write about things we’re supposed to be good at. I’ve had 4 or 5 experts in their given careers (not just Tridion) that are inspired to write and share, but hesitate. I’m not sure if we hesitate out of inertia (it’s hard to start) or is it the feeling we have something to lose?

    You gave away the secret to writing! The behavior of writing and starting small is more important than the initial quality. Learning and sharing doesn’t have to be on the cutting edge, it also helps to hear the old ways of solving old problems, especially if they still work. 🙂

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