Tridion Developer Summit 2019

October 29th, 2019 | Posted by Robert Curlette in Uncategorized

This is a meeting of the community around the Tridion Content Management System. A chance for Tridion consultants and partners to show what they’ve built with Tridion and a chance for SDL Tridion show what they have built inside the product. For me, it was a motivation to bring together these two parts of the community and for all of us to learn and share with each other. I’ve taken the risk myself to host the event. And I am thankful that the community, the partners and SDL have supported the event from the beginning. It is still a mystery to me how we even got this started! I blame it mostly on Nuno Linhares, who created the awesome Tridion MVP program and showed me what a community really looks and feels like, and I wanted to share the same feeling with the entire community of Tridion. And also to Quirijn Slings, Ron Grisnich and Nuno for saying ‘Yes!’ when I presented the idea to them 6 years ago….

This year is the year to show a preview of what is coming in the next 1-2 years of Tridion (and I don’t call it SDL Tridion, because, for me, it is and always has been Tridion). That means Tridion version 9.5 and beyond….

And – why do we call it the Tridion Developer Summit? (hint: the name was decided from the original API call of ‘TDS’ – when we would do the most serious actions in the API).

This year, among other topics, we will hear about the future of ‘Content Delivery’. At the end of Day 1, both Raimond Kempees (currently working inside the firewall of SDL) will discuss the vNext of SDL Content Delivery and Quirijn Slings, creator of DD4T (currently lurking outside the firewall of SDL) and will share his dream of what a DD4T 3.0 could look like. And, this is one reason why you should attend – to hear these views, and more importantly, to share a drink with both of them.

Day 2 is all about integrations and Docs – and we will see and hear what SDL is up to in this area – both from an inside perspective (from Niclas Cedermalm and Ivo van de Lagemaat) and also from a partner perspective from Content Bloom.

Finally, if you’re curious about SDL Docs, or have already used it in a project, make sure to join us after lunch on Day 2.

If you cannot attend – don’t worry – we record all the talks and make them available for free online at

And, if you’d like to attend this year – we still have space –
November 5-6, 2019 in Amsterdam

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