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February 21st, 2012 | Posted by Robert Curlette in Tridion | Tridion Custom Page

Tridion provides excellent versioning on many items, including Components, Pages, Keywords and Templates. This weeks bUtil is bRollback, giving the ability to rollback an item and its’ Blueprint children to the previous version. This is very handy when you update Components via an external script and then realize there was a mistake and want to rollback that Component. The script operates on a Component, but can easily be modified to work on a Folder. Also, sometimes the editor updates 1 item and all of its’ localized copies but then needs to rollback 1 version because the business has changed their minds or the deadline is postponed. This might also happen with translations if there was a mistake in the original source content going out and only notice it later and need to rollback 1 version.

The Tridion GUI allows us to rollback versioned items using the context menu, select Versioning, History and all the previous versions of the item appear. When we rollback to a previous version and have 2 options – first to select to make a copy of the previous version and save it as the new version (safest) or to go back to that version and remove all versions after it (losing all changes after the rollback-to version). We can also compare our current version to a previous version from this screen.  This takes about 2 minutes per item – with 30 localized items it would take around 1 hour to rollback all of them to the previous version.

The Tridion API provides an easy way for us to access the versions of an items and to rollback to a previous version. I created an ASP Custom Page to do just this – rollback an item, and all of its’ localized items, to the previsou version, or in other words, current version – 1. There is also a ModifiedDate checkbox that will only show the last modified date and not rollback anytrhing. My assumption is that most of the time you use this tool the items are updated via a script or an author AND around the same time. I would not want to run the rollback tool if some items were updated much more recently than what I expected.

The script itself is a take on my 2 previous scripts, BCopy and BDelete. These are Blueprint-aware Custom Pages where the action starts on the Blueprint parent and also takes effect on the Blueprint child. Currently the only action in the GUI that provides this type of functionality is the Publish action, where we can choose to publish child items.

The Code to rollback an item in Tridion 2009 and before, with TOM API is:

Item.Rollback(toVersion, deleteVersions)

toVersion – Version# to rollback to
deleteVersion – Create copy of old version (safe) or Go back to old version and delete newer versions (unsafe))

The script uses the safe option creates a new version.

The Tridion 2011+ Core Service code is:

client.Rollback(uri, false, “rollback from script”, new ReadOptions());


The last modified date is found with:

View the source on GitHub at

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