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May 10th, 2012 | Posted by Robert Curlette in Tridion

Tridion 2011 is full of small useful improvements. One of those is the addition of the ‘Favorites’ section next to Custom Pages in the tree menu. We can have shortcuts to Structure Groups, Folders, Pages, Components, and even Categories Keywords. This is very handy, especially for Demos and Tridion Webinars. Saves a lot of time!

Adding an Item to Tridion 2011 Favorites

Sending an item to Favorites is as easy as a right-click on any item.

Then the item is in the Favorites tree.

I use it for my Template Folders and common Structure Groups for publishing.

GUI Customizations with the Favorites

It is possible to use a Data Extender GUI Customization with a Favorites folder the same as we do for any list item in Tridion. Warner Soditus asked a question on SatckOverflow this week and with the help of Nuno (otherwise known as KnewKnow) and Puf we have another good solution for improving the Tridion experience.

Thanks a lot for adding another favorite feature to Tridion 2011!

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