SDL Web to be Renamed?

April 1st, 2016 | Posted by Robert Curlette in AprilFools - (0 Comments)

According to community insiders, SDL will rename its latest product, Web 8.  The flagship product includes Tridion, the CMS platform that is the choice of multi national companies across the globe.   In the beginning the product was known as Tridion DialogServer but eventually the company shortened the product name to Tridion, the same as the company name.  However, recently the name got even shorter, to just ‘Web’, or ‘SDL Web 8’ for the longer version.

Many people found the name ‘Web’ too ambiguous and confusing.  This Wikipedia article suggests that ‘Web’ could refer to “Arachnology, Anatomy/Biology, Computing, Mathematics, Publications, Television, or Radio and film.”.  

Rumors in the Tridion community are that it will be renamed to SDL ‘World Wide Web 8’, and shortened to WWW8, or W38 for short.  The other name being considered was ‘Internet 8’, but they decided that was too broad.

The decision is still open for the next name of the flagship CMS product from SDL, formerly known as Tridion.  What do you think the new name should be?  Leave your feedback in the comments below.